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So i met a lovely lady called Yewande Taylor who recently moved back from America. I thought it’ll be great to get her personal opinion on shopping for herself. Read her experience below:

Hi guys Yewande here, it’s nice to be here. You might be reading a lot more from me! 🙂

A few years ago my personal style was not very personal and I can say not in retrospect that it was a mess. I felt that wearing what looked good on other people was the way to go. Then I realised that the only way to have a personal style is to be unapologetically you. You cannot find your personal style with no clear direction. I would go shopping and choose things just because someone said it was cute and I ended up with a closet full of very random pieces.

But over the years, by taking more conscious and strategic steps, I have been able to identify my personal style and now I share these tips with you!

Continue reading to discover how to efficiently shop for your style; save yourself time, money and most importantly build a wardrobe that is uniquely yours.

closet dreams

  • Let’s start from your closet.

What pieces don’t you get tired of wearing? Why is this the case? I bet they make you feel confident and beautiful which is always the goal. That’s a good place to start, and those are the kind of pieces you want to go for, or at least pieces that compliment them.

  • Identify the color you love.

Now ask yourself if all those colors look best on you? Remember this is about you and not what ‘they’ have said looks good on you. Find a color palette that compliments your skin tone, once you know those colors shopping will be a breeze.


  • Pay attention to your body!

You have to be honest with yourself about what works for your body and what doesn’t, just because it works for your best friend does not necessarily mean it will work for you. If it doesn’t work, don’t let it into your closet! Seriously, DON’T.

  • No impulse buying!

Oh my God! This blouse is so cute! Yes, we all get goosebumps sometimes but if you can’t think of at least two things you already own that would work with a piece, then my advice is do not buy it. This includes shoes, and accessories.


FullSizeRender (26)

  • Trust your style personality

You can shop by yourself, you do not have to go with someone. I find that when I shop by myself is when I buy my favourite pieces because there were no external influences it was all me and I suggest that you try it as well. But it never hurts to go with your trusted companions, a cocktails is always needed after a shopping spree right!

Take our style personality test to discover yours!

  • Adapt your 12 wardrobe essentials

I used to make the mistake of thinking that more clothes equals more style. This is not the case. A small closet of essential clothes that you can put your own spin on, clothes that you can uniquely mix and match is better than a huge closet of unflattering ones. Click here to read about the 12 wardrobe essentials.

  • If you dream about it, buy it!

We all have moments when we are not sure about a piece. When I find myself in that situation, I sleep on it for one or two days, yes sleep on it and if you lose sleep over that piece then it is yours, except maybe it is gone by the next day then that is also a sign that you can do without it.



  • Know where to shop.

If you already have an identified style personality, then yay! I believe my style personality is creative, so a classic black jacket is not the first thing I will grab at a store, but if that store was Monki, the style of that black jacket will suit my creative style personality

  • Set the trend!

You do not have to follow a trend if you do not think it is flattering to style. You don’t have to spend money on an item just because everyone is. I honestly tend to stay away from things that everyone is wearing. Girl, speaking from experience, you don’t want to go to a party and have on the same outfit as three other people. Believe me, it’s not TRENDY!

  • Be Yourself!

And most important of all, only buy and wear things that make YOU feel good about YOURSELF!

Love and Light,


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  • I totally agree that more clothes doesn’t necessarily equals more style, but girl!! i am not sure i will want to think about a dress for two whole days before going back to buy in other to avoid impulse buying. *smiley face *

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