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last Saturday was The Woman Within Style and Confidence Workshop (images and videos coming soon) and if we took anything out of that it was that people want to look confident anywhere, everywhere and all the time.

But there’s a misconception about confidence. A lot of people believe confidence comes from the clothes you wear, but it doesn’t. Confidence exists inside of you, it only needs expression for the world to see it! So here’s a simple but much needed post for you all listing 15 things  you can do to dress-out the confidence that is inside of you.


1) Write down your style goals.

Just like your financial goals, which I believe a lot of us do, writing down your style goals and achieving them will instantly boost your confidence. You will want to do more, to try out new style ideas and play dress-up more often. Only this time, all the clothes will have the confidence tag!

2) Be mindful of your body language

Look people in the eye when you speak. Stand with poise, and authority, this shows confidence. Oh! And wear a smile! Remember the saying, you’re never fully dressed without a smile? IT’S TRUE!!

3) Accentuate your best features.

This could be your eyes, your legs, your hips. etc whatever the case, throwing attention to your most complimented feature is a great way to boot your confidence. Don’t be afraid to show the world the best parts of you!


nb4) Add a splash of colour.

This could mean just wearing a red lipstick and heels just because. Or painting your finger nails a really bright lime green. Whatever the case, a splash of colour instantly boosts your psychological mind and confidence.

5) Keep an attitude of gratitude

Every night in your gratitude journal, write three features you love about yourself. Self-love plays a huge role in boosting your confidence level

6) Keep reminders of your best style looks…

Having reminders of some of your favourite looks can be an instant confidence booster on your not so great days. It’s nice to be inspired by other people’s images and style but it’s so much more impactful to be inspired by an old look you wore. It means you still go it girl!


FullSizeRender (24)

7) Love your body and dress for it.

The truth is, you cannot escape the body you live in. But you can appreciate it, dress for it and ultimately grow to love your body. Loving your body is not always easy, but it is totally worth it. When you love your body you will dress to adorn it and this will add to your confidence level. It will be seen from the way you walk, the way your clothes fit you and ultimately the way you look.

8) Dress sharp!

No one is more conscious of your physical appearance than you are. The smarter you look, the more seriously others will take you and the more confidence you’ll exude. Dress sharply doesn’t mean dress formally!



Honestly, nothing is better than  laughing at yourself and dancing by yourself. No one is going to energise and refresh you like yourself! So play your favourite song and shake! shake!! shake!!


Say positive and kind words to yourself, it creates the right atmosphere to groom confidence and greatness!

11) Consider the occasion

Anyone ever wore a tinker bell costume to a black-tie event? Haha! I pray not. It’s that simple, dressing for the right occasion is one of the best ways to boost your confidence. It’s not about fitting in, it’s about standing out! Confidence is what makes you stand out, not the clothes you wear, but the way you wear them.


12) Treat yourself!

Every once in a while, or perhaps as often as you think you deserve it, treat yourself! It could be as silly as buying yourself a bottle of bubbly or getting a new haircut or a new bag or a full day at the spa. No one is allowed to dictate to you when and what you deserve.  Treating yourself will refresh you and make you feel like you’re about to take over the world!

13) Know your comfort level

So Emily and Jane both wear a size 8 in dresses. Emily loves her dresses very fitted, tight and clingy to her body while Jane likes them a little loose and hanging. So Emily buys a size 8 of a herve leger dress while Jane buys a size 10 of the same dress. They are both happy and comfortable. Now, if you switch both dresses around, and hand Emily Jane’s dress she will find it too baggy and will look for measures to tighten it, while Jane will feel her dress is too clingy. The point is both of them will look amazing and confident because they understand their comfort level and so should you.

14) Know your seasonal pallet; you’ll always look confident in your best colours.

Dressing up your confidence with the best clothes that fit you while wearing the same colours season after season will never go out of style.

You will exude a confidence that comes from knowing your self, your colours, your body and how to dress for it.


15) BE YOURSELF! – Everyone else is taken.

Stay Inspired,


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