5 Reasons Why You Need Stripes in Your Wardrobe

We already identified that stripes as one of the 12 wardrobe essentials: here! So this post will shed some light on some striped pieces that are not essentials (e.g a basic striped t-shirt) – in terms of their style and design, but will take your outfit from 0 – 100 quite literally!

Note; These pieces should be bought after you have bought an essential striped piece: something you can wear almost everyday!

So here are five reasons why you need stripes in your wardrobe:

  • Stripes are an upgrade from your classic white shirt! This Shirt by the Row is proof! 


  • Stripes add dimension to any outfit! Just look at this Proenza Scholer shirt!   


  • Stripes are flattering! (When placed and cut right) Gul Hergel definitely got it right!


  • Stripes come in shoes and add pizzazz to the most basic outfit! Yes to these no. 21 mules!



  • Stripes come in handbags too! Hey there Mulberry, this bag is a killer! 


All images are a product of net-a-porter! 

As always, stay inspired!


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