An Evening at Temple Muse

DSC_001 (147)

Okay! Can we just take a moment to discuss this topshop jeans!!!

I don’t know if putting the link here helps my Nigerian based readers, but if you’re reading from outside Nigeria, here’s a link to the best pair of jeans a girl could own!

DSC_001 (86)

DSC_001 (83)

DSC_001 (157)

DSC_001 (146)

DSC_001 (245)

These pictures were taken last Friday at the Meet & Greet with Awed by Monica at Temple Muse.

What I love the most about the pictures is the individuality in all of our styles. Everyone is dressed as themselves and are expressing it so effortlessly! So if we ever cross paths, I want to see you looking like YOU!

I hope this images made you happy! What did you do last Friday and what are your weekend plans?

As always, stay inspired.


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