The rule is very simple: Only buy what you like and what looks good on you. Oh if you haven’t read basic #1 click here.

As a fashion lover, I am constantly looking for ways to build and improve my wardrobe. I am always editing through what i buy and what I already own. I make both creative, impulsive and edit based decisions to find truly remarkable accessories and clothing.

I want you to do this with your wardrobe. Be an editor. Your closet should only house amazing pieces. One of the reasons you may struggle with what to wear on a daily basis is because you have more unremarkable pieces than remarkable ones in your wardrobe.

It doesn’t matter how much it cost you, or the sentimental value behind the item, if it doesn’t inspire an amazing outfit – Bear in mind that a nice t-shirt and jeans qualifies – then you need to edit that item out of your closet.

So here are a few pointers to help you edit your closet:

  1. THROW AWAY WHAT YOU DON’T WEAR AND WHAT DOESN’T LOOK GOOD ON YOU! – Easier said than done, so make yourself a deal. For every 15 items you toss, you get yourself a killer piece! DEAL?
  2. BUY THE RIGHT SIZE – Not in tags but in fit. Don’t buy an item just because you believe you’ll loose weight, buy the right size for the body you have now and love it! 
  3. DON’T LET THE SALE PRICE TAG FOOL YOU – So you pay N5, 000 for a dress that was previously N15, 000 and you believe you’ve got a bargain, but there’s no bargain if you never wear the dress! You still spent N5, 000 and that’s an expensive deal!
  4. DON’T PLAY IT TOO SAFE – Even a minimalist has a couple interesting pieces in their wardrobe. Buy one or 2 items that inspire you, remind you about your favourite era or makes you feel like an actress on broadway! 
  5. NO EXCUSES, EDIT THEM ALL – If you cannot decide on throwing away certain items, create a maybe pile and store them and revisit them a few months or a year later. If you still don’t wear them, you MUST toss them. Trust me, if you don’t wear them now, you never will. Pass them one to that friend who has been asking for it, spend love through fashion! 


Thanks for reading!

Stay Inspired.


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