There will never be such a thing as too much shoes. More importantly, there will never be such a thing as to much high heeled shoes! Like never EVER!

A great pair of heels is a powerful thing – it can change your mood, enhance your posture, give you the right attitude when needed. It can instantly transform a boring outfit to a fabulous one, it makes you look and feel taller, it gives you a bum lift, it makes your legs look better when you haven’t been to the gym in 3 months! Need i go on?

A few things to bear in mind then;

  • Invest in good pair of shoes or 5 or 10

Try and buy one good pair of shoes every year. Buy one quarterly if you can afford to, but invest in one good pair of shoes to start with and your life will never be the same. A few things are as heart breaking as seeing a stylish woman with great clothes and bad shoes. It brings the entire outfit crumbling down to the floor. Save up and buy a pair, and buy your pairs as priority requires. I suggest the first pair of shoes you buy should be a classic pair of black pumps! Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo will always be my go to!

  • Watch your proportions

The shorter the skirt, the lower the heel height and vice versa!

  • Buy and wear your shoe size.

Living in Nigeria can be very frustrating especially for shoe shopping. First, you’re unable to physically try them on. Secondly, the taxes you pay to get your shoes to you is the price of another pair of shoes.Third, you’re probably thinking; there’s just no point.  Before you give up so easily, why not try on a similar pair of shoes your friend might have? Or try on any pair of shoes in that brand to see how it fits you. If you are a size 6 in closed toe shoes, you’re probably a size 5 or 5.5 in open toe shoes. If you are unsure what size to buy, don’t buy it! There’s nothing worse than toes spilling out of shoes that are too tight or the back of your shoes flapping because they are too big!

  • Get pedicures

Chipped toe polish are just not acceptable. Enough said!

  • Know your limit

If the heels are too high for you, look for a lower heel height! You will not be able to walk properly in a heel over 4 inches, even models feel the wrath of a 5 inch heel! Lady Gaga had to get surgery when she tried a 7 inch heel. Simple put, your posture will shift and you will look ridiculous!

Now that you know all you need to, here’s how i base my relationship with my shoes!


That one pair that takes any outfit from causal to dressed up and back in a heart beat!



Only because I’ve never worn them and i believe they’ll come in handy! – I do not recommend this as a method of buying shoes!



The days of taking my shoes off in the club are over! Hello partyyy! These shoes are super comfortable and last me all night long! – I recommend you find yourself a pair that can serve this function!



Where do i begin? Comfort level is 100% Aesthetic is 100% The tone / colour is 100% Let’s just say that if my house were burning, these will be the shoes I’ll grab first! Then my Manolos of course!



Simply because that is what these pair pf shoes do to a t-shirt and denim look! Maybe this should be the 0 to 100% pair?


Leave a comment below and share your relationship with your shoes!

As always stay inspired and thanks for reading!



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