Bauble Balance

“Jewelry is fun, decadent and totally unnecessary which can seem to make it all even more necessary. Piling it on feels like devouring a chocolate cake whole  — so bad it’s good. “– Dr Jennifer Baumgartner

Putting on jewellery is one of my favourite things about dressing up. You can watch an outfit transform right in front of your eyes. Jewellery has the power to take a “bleh” outfit to a “hell yeah!” outfit, but the trick as with everything in life is understanding the balance when wearing jewellery.

In this post, I have listed some ways in which you can achieve bauble balance with jewellery. Let’s try something fun, I want you to use your imagination to create stylish looks for yourself with the jewellery in your existing wardrobe. Ensure the jewellery speaks volume to the woman that you are as this will make it easier to style. Oh! and get rid of those pieces that say nothing about you! it’s 2017 after all, let’s make it our most stylish year yet!


Balance with Clothes: If the jewellery is bold, keep the clothing simple. If the clothing is bold, keep the jewellery simple. E.g If you are wearing a heavily embroidered top, adding a chunky necklace will make you look cluttered. A long chain with a single pendant will be better.

Balance with other pieces of jewellery: If you are wearing a statement piece, keep your focus on that, there is no need to add more. If you have chosen diamond chandelier earrings, forgo the necklace altogether.

Balance with “mix and match”: The more subtle your jewellery, the more pieces you can wear. But the days of buying a matching jewellery set are over. Be sure to mix and match your pieces for a more updated, youthful and interesting look.

Here’s wishing you a fun and stylish week ahead!

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