If you’re into beauty and experimenting with your make-up, then this will be right up your alley.

I am not very experimental myself, but I can proudly say I use more products that I ever thought I would.

I was researching beauty looks the other day and decided to share my favourites with you!

This is a WING! I cannot see myself wearing it on a daily basis or on any special occasion  but I will like to see something this daring at LFDW 2017 this October.

This is my favourite look. What I love the most is the shiny sparkle on your eyelids. It’s cute, and fun and flirtatious all in one! I might try this.

It is the fact that her eyebrows are undone that I love the most, because I thread my eyebrows like 3ce a year. lol! Hey Soul Sister! 🙂

Can someone please invite me to a crystal party? This is such an easy look to achieve and I think all of us will look smashing in it.

I don’t know what it is about this look that attracted me to it, but I absolutely love it! I love how perfectly laid her hair is, I love that she has a nose ring that adds to her personality and the look and I love the bold red lips she is wearing.

What do you think about these looks?

Which is your favourite and would you rock any?

Stay Inspired.


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