Before You Splurge on that BAG!

Dreaming of treating yourself to a lil’ (not so little when you look at the price tag) something? We are here to help you make the best purchase  and gain value for your money.

The excitement to own a new handbag feels like non-stop adrenaline pumping through your veins and we get it! – It happens to all of us. But before you click add to basket or checkout or even enter you card details, let’s go over a few things first;

  1. Are you a luxury consumer?
  2. Have you considered the extent to which this purchase will hold value over the years?
  3. Do you view your purchase as an investment or just another gift to yourself?
  4. Have you done a little homework on the item you want to splurge on?
  5. Do you understand the difference between items that appreciate and those that depreciate?

If you answered yes to four out of these five, you’re ready to SPLURGE!

Below, we have listed a few statement and trendy bags that we believe are great value for money. Note that these are not your typical everyday bags or colours, and that’s why we have chosen them. These are items that can be used over and over and over again, they can be passed down to your younger sister or daughter, and they can be sold for very good money as pre-loved goods! – You can always buy black in all the options listed below, but there’s no need to be boring is there?


Loewe Puzzle Bag Aqua/Light Blue/Stone Blue (£1.675)

louis-vuitton-twist-pm-epi-gifts--M44085_PM2_Front view

Louis Vuitton Twist PM bag (£2,200)


“before you buy, we recommend that you evaluate your ultimate goal for purchase and make sure you’ll be financially stable after you buy”



Fendi DOT COM Bag (1,540)celine

Celine Belt Bag – £1550


Tom Ford Small Natalia Python chain bag (From £1,830)


As always, stay inspired!

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