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How’s everyone doing this fine Friday evening? Last week Wednesday I had the absolute pleasure of styling a shoot for Cape Soul and also styling women who came to shop. My job involved shuffling between styling the models and directing a shoot happening happening outside and selecting the right cape for the women who attended the cape soul brunch/shopping party based on their height, skin tone, body type, functionality and lifestyle.

This review is completely honest and objective. I have not been paid to review this brand but I thought you might want some information incase you were interested in one cape for yourself.

First Impression: The Capes stand out! Each and every one of them is unique in its own way and stands out in the crowd. In a room full of women adorned in Cape Soul, you will covet not one but all capes.

Cape soul offers 4 length variations. The Capellette which is about elbow length costs N44, 276. The classic cape which is about hip length costs N55, 775. The classic cape at knee length costs N78, 775. The knee length with ruffles costs N80, 275 and the floor length costs N90, 275. All capes can be made with a hood upon request for an extra N5, 000.

Value for money: I honestly believe this is good value for money. The capes are all hand made. Fabrics are sourced locally and a lot of creative direction goes into it from the idea to sketching to pattern to finished product. The stoning and embellishment of one cape can take anywhere from 10 to 16 hours to complete. The result is vivid to the eye and needs no further praise.

Do you love these capes?

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