Buying the perfect T-Shirt!

T-shirts have been the centre of a lot of discussions on our Instagram page and we know most of you aren’t fabric experts, so we put together this handy little fabrics cheat sheet. You know that feeling when you see and try on a t-shirt, but you don’t buy it because there’s something off and you can’t figure out what it is? Well, it’s usually the fabric! Hopefully the information below will help you decide which fabric options work best for your t-shirts and how to wear them, especially in Nigeria.

1. Cotton

Cotton fabric is made from the cotton plant. It is one of the most commonly desired fabrics because of its pleasant feel against the skin. It is soft and lightweight and recommended for everyday use. Cotton t-shirts are the most recommended kind, they can sometimes be rigid or boxy depending on the yarn texture and cut, but they are still the best fabric composition money can buy in a t-shirt.

2. Polyester

This fabric is a manufactured material that is strong, quick drying, and wrinkle resistant. It holds its shape very well and holds up well after washing. Modern polyester is a very useful and comfortable fabric. Polyester can have a slightly synthetic feel to some people – it’s not for everyone, and we don’t think it’s best for t-shirts either. Best uses are for sports, fitness, outdoor recreation etc.

3. Poly-Cotton

Poly-cotton? If you didn’t already guess it, this fabric is a blend of polyester and cotton. This material provides the light and cool feel you expect from cotton with the wrinkle resistance and strength you expect from polyester. It feels softer than polyester and holds shape better than cotton. Best for everyday use. It is also that cotton that has a draped feel unlike the pure rigidity of 100 % cotton t-shirts.


The Rayon fabric was made to be a cost effective alternative to silk. Rayon is made from natural fibers like trees, cotton, and other plants. Rayon has a silky  texture. It is breathable and can be used everyday use. They are not easily found and can be slightly more expensive.

 Et Viola! I hope this helps you build a wardrobe with the perfect t-shirts!

Stay Inspired.


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