Choosing that scent!

Disclaimer: I am one of those specially created human beings who falls completely in love with the style and aesthetic of a perfume bottle, and always ends up disappointed when the smell is not quite what I was hoping for. As you can imagine, experience taught me the harsh and expensive way and now I make better choices. In this post, I discuss the importance of fragrance on your image, how to choose THE perfume and how to wear others.

Wearing the right perfume does a lot of things not only for your self image, but for the way you feel. Perfume creates memories for me. I have a lot of perfume, but their selection and purchases are guided by the same principles and tips which i will be sharing with you below.

7dc6e4d199a2796a562d5c010c553f0bThink of a perfect sunny summer day with green grass, sunflowers and daisy flowers in the park, children playing and laughing while you enjoy a nice cold ice tea. What word comes to mind? For me it is happiness. This is what will guide my summer fragrance selection. I will then google scents, flowers, oils etc that denote happiness or a summer day. Try a few samples out and see if i like them!


But more importantly, your go-to perfume should be the one that you believe defines the essence of who you are completely. E.g if you believe you are a sweet, dainty girl, you will naturally lean towards sweet and citrus scents. If you believe you’re a calm, nurturing, minimal person, you will prefer fresh scents over sweet or musky scents. If you believe yourself to be bossy and strong and demanding an audience, you will choose woody, oud based and concentrated scents.

Once you’ve identified your favourite or go-to scent, you can start adding variety to your tray using the following tips:

  1. Be aware of your favourite note; it should be in every perfume you wear. If you love lavender, then every perfume you wear should have a note of lavender in it, this way your smell will have an identity.
  2. Stick to 5 brands at the maximum if you can. The main reason is because, brands tend to have something that other brands don’t offer you, and drifting away or “testing the waters” only leads to disappointed and waste of money. Trust me, I know.
  3. You should wear your perfume based on how you feel, how you look and where you are going. E.g. If you are a woman feeling very confident, wearing a pant suit and going to pitch a N50,000,000 deal to a board of male directors, and your favourite perfume is oud wood, that will not be the best choice of perfume for that day. You want to choose a perfume that has oud as top note or middle note, but not a base note. This way you don’t create an intimidating or emasculating impression before your pitch is heard.
  4. Buy small and travel sizes. You’ll need them for the quick top up, in-between meetings or or on a night out or just for that extra umph and flavour!
  5. When choosing a new perfume, try and connect the scent to a place and time where you have been, a place you want to go, a happy memory, a sentimental …..





What are your favourite perfumes and how do you choose them?

Remember, we are bringing expression to your truest self, through style.

Stay inspired.



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