CRAVINGS: How to look the part with your current budget

The word “Current budget” is relative to everyone’s bank account and spending habits, so please read as it relates to you.

There’s no long story to be told on this post, if you really are a fashion and style girl, a shopaholic and / or an aspirational buyer, then you’ll always have a budget you wish to spend on items. Whether a small or large budget, the trick is to buy items that afford you versatility in how you wear them.

Here are five tips on how to look the part on your budget:

  1. Fill your wardrobe with quality basics!! – This cannot be stressed enough, the more wardrobe basic you have, the more looks you can combine and style together. and if you do have a small budget, the less clothes you’ll have to buy.
  2. Ensure that every single piece of clothing you buy is a reflection of you. Here’s why – when you buy items that you like but you are unsure how to put together, you are forced to combine whatever simplicity of madness you have in your wardrobe to create a look. And that my friends, is how to begin to identify your style.
  3. To look the part you wish to, you must buy statement pieces in neutral palette colours – black, brown, grey, navy, white and beige. Adding a statement navy blue blazer to a floral pattern dress, automatically transforms the look from summer girl, to evening chic. – Statement pieces are a must!
  4. Do not compare your pocket to anybody else’s. Don’t do it! Allow yourself to be inspired by what others have, but always try to tweak it to suit your lifestyle and allow it guide your shopping habits. An example is the Dior “We should all be feminists” t-shirts, it created the pathway to slogan tees, but thank God for high street stores! The point is you can achieve the same look your style icon is wearing without wearing the exact same items!
  5. Buy yourself reward items. Set a period or time were you must treat yourself. It could be every 3 months, 6 months, Christmas etc. and save up for an expensive item. Alternatively, buy that items during the sale period. Choose a method that works for you and over time, your wardrobe will get into the formation you want it to get to and you sure will look the part!


I hope this was helpful!

As always, stay inspired.


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