Dear Fathers

Dear Fathers,

You are your daughters’ first role model and mentor.

Teach her modesty.

Make her understand that nudity is not beauty.

Give her hugs and kisses and treat her every once in a while.

Tell her she are beautiful everyday.

Tell her she is worth it.

Tell her you love her.

Tell her that all she’ll ever need is inside her.


Dear Fathers,

Teach your daughter(s) the importance of self worth.

Treat her like a royal princess that she may grow up to be Queen!

Teach her the need and importance of inner beauty.

Lend an ear when she calls out and allow her the joy of full self expression.

Such expression that shines from within.

Observe the things that make her unique; from the words she speaks, to the music she likes, to the garments she choses, to the shoes and purses she covets.

Encourage your daughter(s) to dress for herself, and not give into peer pressure.


Dear fathers,

Teach your daughter(s) not to settle for less than she deserves.

Teach her how to be confident and strong in “a man’s world”

Teach her the importance of having a good self image, at school, or church or mosque or at work.

Lead by example and show her what it means to have a good heart.

Teach her that true beauty comes from within.

Through all of these, let her learn who she is.

Let her learn the growth that will take place from a young girl to a woman

Above all, let her learn to love herself.


Dear Fathers,

Thank you.

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