First impressions matter much more than what you say or do. People see faster than they think. First impressions matter in every facet of your life – at work, at school, at home, at a social gathering, at a networking event, at an acceptance speech etc.

Everything is based on PERCEPTION!

One’s perception of another happens at the speed of light. In simpler terms, it takes an average human being a maximum of seven seconds after looking at another to decide what kind of person they are and vice versa.

I asked two of my friends to be the subject of this shoot. Pat attention to their eyes, their facial expressions, their body language and their ensemble.  I have listed the importance of First Impressions in the Business World, particularly the most common reasons why first impressions can break or make your business.
  1. I do not have to dress up. What does it matter?

You’re absolutely right! You do not have to dress up, but it matters that you don’t. If you are a CEO of a bank, will you enter into a multi million-dollar deal with someone who comes for a first meeting in a tracksuit? The main reason people dress up is not to show off their style, rather to insinuate that the event, situation or person warrants effort and respect.

“Dressing Well is a Form of GOOD MANNERS” – Tom Ford.

  1. I’m dressed for the occasion and that’s enough.

Appearance on one hand is an aspect of a good self-image, and we can sometimes master it. Perception on the other hand is a multi-faceted beast that extends far beyond one’s appeal. Looking the part is not always all it takes to close a deal. We must master the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we stand, the way we smell. Choose carefully the cars we drive, the technological devices used, the watches and jewelry we wear. Everything is up for judgment when creating a good first impression, because you never know whom you might bump into and or where.

“You can make anything into a special occasion and dress for it “– Victoria Beckham


  1. I will know if I was giving off the wrong impression

The truth is, you may not ALWAYS know. It is important to distinguish between blowing a person off and appearing unavailable. The former is a disadvantage in a business environment while the latter creates a hunger for you and your business. Be Careful!

“The FIRST impression you create is the LAST image that remains in ones mind” – Uzo Ukegbu

  1. I can do whatever I want on social media.

Perhaps the worst and final reason why people think it is okay to create “any” image. As mums, if you’re not interested in building your brand, image and sustaining your business then sure, post what you like; it’s your account. But always remember that your virtual identity should be in line with your professional identity; you cannot separate your actions online and in real life, especially where the former image travels faster than the latter (which in most cases is the image we seek to preserve in peoples minds).

“You are a walking billboard for your brand and if you do not manage §it, SOCIETY will for you”. – Amanda Rose

Remember gems, we are bringing expression to your truest self through style!

Stay Inspired.

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