I had never been a fan of wide legged trousers simply because I was yet to find the ones that will change my life forever! Let’s just saw we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Katherine Hepburn for sticking with the wide-legg trousers. It is said that (clearly because I wasn’t even born then) she walked around her acting set in her underwear until her missing wide legged trousers were returned to her to prove that she was not going to give them up. OKAY, I digress!

Here’s what you need to know about  wide-legged trousers:

  1. Only wear them with something fitted on top, to balance off the bulk on the bottom (personal preference as I have seen women do otherwise)
  2. Look for and buy a pair with a cuff at the bottom, and leave the hemline a little long – too short is not a good look!
  3. A flat front is more flattering than pleats.
  4. Be careful of pocket placement and your body shape/type. You don’t want flaps on your hips if your intention is not to widen your hips. But if you’re like me and you’re lacking in that region, I say pocket away!
  5. Try them in white, black, camel or pinstripe for the most enduring styles!


I am so happy I have found my perfect wide-legged trousers and I hope you find yours too! For me, this pair wins for many reasons: the fabric texture, height of the waist line, the length is perfect for me when I pair them with 4 inch heels! And the best part is I feel like I swapped my everyday t-shirt and jeans for top and wide legged pants and I became an instant show stopper! WHOOP!


Top: Zara (sold out)

Pants: Zara (sold out) (black)

Bag: Loewe

Shoes: Saint Laurent

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