How gaining & losing weight affects our confidence


You know, weight gain and weight loss is such a big issue for us women. I don’t know a single woman who cannot relate to this and no matter how much support and love we get from girlfriends, family, boyfriends, body positive posts and motivational statements we just don’t feel great in our bodies everyday.

I wanted to share this particularly because for the 1200th time, I am on yet another weight loss journey. And although I don’t consider the way I look to be “fat” I am not entirely happy with the way I look now. Also, based on my doctors analysis, I am overweight for my height and I am doing this now more for health reasons than anything else.

But this whole weight gain and weight loss thing got me thinking a lot about myself and all the emotions I have gone through over the last 6 weeks since I started this journey again. On some days, I feel completely “FAT” just because my floral top from last summer doesn’t fit and on other days I feel like I’ve lost weight because the trousers that didn’t fit in Christmas now fit! It’s the most absurd cycle and yet we let our minds circle through it constantly.

My passion is to connect with women, increase their joy through my seminars and workshops and ultimately guide them to express themselves through style! So to myself and you, I say, let’s TRY (try being the operative word) to love our body as it is today. Let’s TRY to accept the little progress we make everyday. Let’s try not to over criticise ourselves for our set backs and let’s always embody grace, pride and exude inner joy!



I am not as confident with my body as I was last summer but I feel confident when I dress for the body I have today, knowing that my body is only a vessel for me to show my soul to the word through the clothes I choose to wear!

I don’t have a summary sentence, but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

You’re beautiful, Never forget it!

Stay inspired,




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