How I Get My Wardrobe Ready For Spring!

Yes, I realise I am writing this post in the dinning room of my father’s house in Lagos Nigeria and there is no such season as spring (as of yet). But I cannot help but miss the days I lived in England, Italy and Ireland. When I looked forward to spring and was eager to peel off the black, grey and burgundy layers of clothing that I wore everyday!


The simpler way to start this section is by saying that you should peel away all your coats, scarves, Gillet, boots etc. But another way to look at a spring clean out is by adding some colour, print and new silhouette to your existing wardrobe to suit the never changing summery weather of Nigeria. You could: wear a yellow camisole instead of an off-white to work,  wear a floral maxi dress instead of a striped one to the movies with your friend, wear two pastel colours together just to make a fashion statement!


Thank God for instagram and twitter, all the latest trends are now just one click away. Instagram allows you to create a mood board by adding images you see to it. Not all trends will work for you, sometimes you may prefer to stick with an old trend and give it a modern twist. My advice will be to pick one or two, but maximum of three trends and stick to it through spring that way you don’t spend too much money buying seasonal pieces you may never wear again, and also you don’t confuse yourself by having too many clothes but “nothing to wear”. For me, the trend I’ve chosen this season is patterned silks, coloured accessories (bags, shoes, sunglasses etc) and feminine blouses. Blouses are quite a new thing for me because I’ve always been inspired by menswear (story for another day!) but I decided that if I was going to wear a blouse and a feminine one at that, I want to feel flirty, sexy and young! So the idea that a busty girl or a non size 8-10 girl cannot wear a crop top or show her belly is so 2001! Please don’t let anyone stop you!


If we are being completely honest with ourselves, which we really should be, we will find that we don’t wear 25% of the clothes in our wardrobe. It’s time to let go of these pieces you have not worn for months and give them to someone else who might show them more love. Now the 25% that you do wear, arrange them visibly in your wardrobe where you can see it clearly! Take everything else and put it where you will not see it, because it will blind your eye on what to wear. So if you’re running out in the morning and you look into your wardrobe and the top options are a floral shirt, a yellow blouse and a polka dot camisole, you have to make a choice between those three ONLY. But imagine if you add your spring tops to your white shirt, blue shirt, grey shirt, etc. you will have more options to choose from which will waste a lot more of your time and may end up frustrating you because you may end up wearing what you don’t really want to wear.


If you’ve been following my instagram (@uzoukegbu) for a while, you’ll know that I live in and for basics! I’m an advocate for them. Even when I buy a spring dress, it’ll most likely be a soft pastel like a blush pink or a light sky blue (don’t ask). So this season, I’ve decided to inject lots of colour into my spring wardrobe but knowing that I will always be a girl that love her basics, I will most likely start off with coloured accessories before the actual clothes. Now your turn, identify your everyday pieces, those items that you wear every single day season after season on end. Now use the inspiration you’ve gotten from trends and decide what items you want to add into your spring wardrobe. So for example, if you’re a white t-shirt lover like me, and you still want to wear t-shirts during spring, an easy step is to buy a coloured t-shirt instead! That way you still dress the way you want, stick to your authentic style and have fun!


Now that you have removed all the things you no longer need, decided on the items you need, the trends you like best and any new experiments to try out, it’s time to restock the good stuff. By this I mean the basics that are your holy grail, those items you trust to always pull through a style rut. For me it’s white t-shirts, good underwear and denim skirts. Spring is the season where you wear the most flirtatious outfits, most of the fabric are quite sheer too. So it is important that you have the right basics and underwear to support these items of clothing.

What do you do to get your wardrobe ready for spring? I’m not an expert oh! I also need your help!

Stay inspired,




Top: Topshop (similar)

Jeans : Topshop Jamie Jeans

Bag: Gucci (mom’s wardrobe)

Sandal: Balenciaga



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