How to pack for a 10 day trip

I have just come back from Canada and boy did i over pack! Not in an excessive manner but in an unnecessary manner. I spent 10 days on my holiday and there were only certain items I wore the most and repeatedly. It proved to me that i did not need all the other clothing i packed.

I hope this post helps you pack for your next trip!


TSHIRTT-shirts are an essential because they are light and breathable. White t-shirts more so because it is summer, you want to look as fresh as possible and they go with everything!


DENIMA summer without denim is no summer at all! Pair each denim piece with a white t-shirt and you have 3 different outfits for 3 out of 10 days!


DRESSESSummer dresses are a must have for that girly, fun and flirty look. Pick colours and silhouettes that fit your body type and your travel destination.


SHOESA pair of comfortable flat sandals, a pair of converses or any trainers of your choice and a pair of strap sandals are all you’ll need this summer.


Comfort is key, but style must not be forgotten.

As always stay inspired.


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