• The bow dress wins it for me! I love the detailing and the accessories I can’t seem to get my eyes off and need I say more about how important is it to be stylish and smell good at the same time? Those scents looks so good! Happy Independence to you !

  • I love the sweet and dainty outfit. The lovely sandals with the fur details on it is quite lovely. I will rock this outfit to a date with my hubby considering its been a while we had some time-out since our baby came. Happy Independence Nigeria.

  • I love the easy breezy collection because it reperesents the beautiful green land our great country posseses coupled with the fact that green symbolizes growth ,harmony and freshness which results to smelling good,I would rock the outfit to an evening out with my girls.

  • My Favourite outfit is the “Sporty Chic”, it’s really basic and pretty much my go-to style. I would wear this to casual outings,run errands,or to see a game of basketball/volleyball without feeling one bit uncomfortable.

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