just be COS




Apart being one of my favourite stores, COS does something through design that always speaks to me personally. Their aesthetic may not always be for everyone. If I’m being honest, the COS woman typically doesn’t have any curves and is usually not more than a C cup, but there are other ways to incorporate pieces from your favourite store into your wardrobe and this bag proves my theory right!

Here’s the story…

I walked in there to stock up on my white and black garments, and while i was standing behind the till, she shone! Brightly, i couldn’t resist. I had to go and count the money i had with me to make sure i could buy her. I never take my card to the shopping mall or oxford street, it is the worst! i take cash which i already planned to spend, that way, i don’t buy random finds.

It’s the perfect shade of bright, red and all things nice!

Hope you’re having a fabulous day!


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