Layer it ON!

Last Saturday, I hosted a styling workshop with Monica Awe – Etuk of Awed by Monica and I taught the attendees how to layer on garments in a hot climate!

I am such a goofball! I mean my name “ANKA” is a derivative of ANULIKA which in igbo language means Happiness is greater than all! I guess now you know why I am always smiling in photos.. lol.



How is it that we can layer our pieces, without boiling up or sweating profusely? Here are a few steps on how to successfully layer on garments in a humid environment and still slay your outfit!

Step 1: Read the fabric composition. Do not just buy a garment because it is nice and looks good, you must consider your climate, environment and even lifestyle.

Step 2: Decide what fabrics best works for your environment. After reading up fabric compositions, I’ve found the best fabrics for layering in hot climates especially Nigeria are: Chiffon, lace, viscose, polyester, linen and cotton.

Step 3: Buy styles and silhouettes that you can layer with. In the pictures here for example, I’m wearing a very sheer lace dress worn as a blouse, with a leather waist belt, layered on jeans and with a blazer draped on my shoulder. The texture of the lace is very light, and the pattern is breathable thereby allowing air on my body. Monica on the other hand, went for a free cotton dress that is layered over jeans, but because cotton can sometimes be too hot, she layered it over a pair of jeans only. Note that the most important thing is that her dress is SLEEVELESS!



So if that dress you love so much becomes a bit too short for you, you know just what to do! Here’s to the girls who wear their short dresses as tops and layer them so stylishly!

As always, stay inspired.




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