Let It Go – The Overflowing Closet

Consider a popular weight loss theory as a parallel: if calories in exceed calories out, weight is gained; if calories in a re fewer than calories out, weight is lost; and if calories in equal calories out, weight is maintained. Is this not true of our living spaces? Our bodies may stretch, but unfortunately our homes and closets do not!

The key to a comfortable home or your dream wardrobe is finding the balance between fullness and emptiness. Balance of space reflects  balance of life. Even as the contents of our space can impact our psyche, they also reflect what is already occurring in our emotional space.  Learning about any emotional reasons why we keep stuff or hoard items can help ameliorate them.

I have highlighted below, 3 main reasons why we keep stuff, I hope it helps you let go!

The most typical reasons why we keep stuff are that: we think we may need them in the future, we cannot decide what to do with it; it expresses an internal state; it gives us a sense of security; or it has nostalgic value for us.

  • We truly believe we might need it one day so it becomes difficult to give it away – The truth is for most items, if you don’t need it within a year’s time, you probably won’t need it at all! 
  • You can’t decide It’s either you are unable to decide what to do with stuff and end up doing nothing OR it is too difficult to confront the emotional pain that has led to the clutter.
  • NOSTALGIA!! All the clutter reminds you of the good old times so letting go of the clothes feels like letting go of those memories! 

Whatever your genuine reason, be it in this post or not, is not excuse enough for clutter. Let it go and truly free your mind of clutter. You’d be surprised how much more expression you’ll bring to your style.

As always, stay inspired!


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