How to Be Parisian…

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A book with so much wit, character, fun, flirtation and womanhood. How to be Parisian wherever you are is one book that was well written with the reader in mind.

I found myself imagining that i was a Parisian, not because i envied them and not because i was not proud of my own decent, but it gives you a feel through words of what Parisian woman is like and how she behaves.





Omg! this is hilarious! What does it even mean to destabilise a man? – Again, one of the many reasons why this book cracked me up so much! It was so much fun to read! If you love wit, laughing at yourself and in the mood to drifted away to another land, this book is definitely recommended for you! I

The consistent tone in this book is the fact that the Parisian woman behaves in Greece or Mauritius or London as she would in Paris and this is her recognition.  Essentially, regardless of the humorous  and unserious tone of this book, it still taught me a lesson. BE WHO YOU ARE, WHEREVER YOU GO! It may just have inspire me to write a book called: How to be Lagosian where you are!

If you’re in Lagos or Nigeria, and you’ll like to have a read, leave me a comment below!



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  • Hey Uzo!

    A friend shared one of your post on FB , nice write up I must say. Am interested in this book it sounds so witty and fun ,how do I get it please?

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