My style Personality

The main purpose I started ANKA, is to help people become more confidence and self-assured when styling themselves; whether this is shopping for new items to add to their existing wardrobe, bringing outfits together for a particular occasion, mixing and matching accessories or experimenting with new colours.

My job is to encourage and help you use your outer appearance as a form of self-expression – to show whom you really are on the inside and share it with those around you.

A lot of ladies look to the media for what to wear, and always try to replicate someone else’s look. Albeit being fun and inspirational, it is important to understand that for our clothing choices to work best, they need to be in harmony with our own unique “Style Personality” not someone else’s!

The moment you become aware of your style personality, its attributes and styles, you will find that “effortless style” really comes from within you.

Fashion is my favorite means of self-expression, and style personality has been categorized under the dramatic, the romantic, the sporty/natural, the classic and the Creative.

Interestingly we sometimes flow from one personality group to another depending on our moods, or between work and leisure time.

I have split this topic into various parts, and I shall be sharing with you the different style personality groups over the next week.

Remember, we are bringing expression to your truest self through style!

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