I choose to love the lines that crack in between and at the side of my breast,

to love the cracked lines on my thighs.. to fall in and out of love with myself

to keep away from those ostracised thinking of shallow men and women of this world

and to love the scars that i have tried to hide from myself and the world.

I choose to love the wrinkles and spots on my face, to stop hating myself for being different, i choose not to curse my mirrors anymore like it was a sin to show me who i am and will forever be.

Rather than love, I hated my reflection.

Now I choose to see my imperfections not as doom but as an occurring act of Mother Nature, I will not fight myself anymore, I will forgive myself and accept my beauty as being different, to burn those thoughts I drowned myself in thinking I was an outcast, never to hide the difference in me anymore, to be proud to be called an individual of my very own, not just any individual, a uniquely moulded personae created by a super natural being with an unknown beginning and ending.


To explore every form of greatness, knowing I was made in his own image, to create my own mighty to be an element of power, to whomever I choose to become, to block the narrow minded to be unbothered by the thoughts and opinions of those whose manes do not count.

To freely express my uniqueness without fear of discrimination.

To love every inch of my imperfect perfection.

Every ounce of Gold and diamond I have proved to be, to accept and love me for me, for I was born different and different i stand and forever will be!

– Jasmine Roy

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