Questioning your style!

Style is learned.

Regardless of what the media, fashion blogs and fashion magazines have to say, being stylish is not  something reserved for the rich and skinny. It is not something that just happens over night, identifying your personal style takes time.  As long as you understand what looks best on your body type and what colours best compliment your complexion, you will be getting compliments on your style on a daily basis and this will help you know what is true to you and what you are most comfortable in.

I have always found that women with amazing personal style are powerful, mysterious, intriguing and very intelligent. I am more drawn to the woman that wears a striped shirt with a vintage velvet skirt and gingham shoes over a woman who wears a plain black Dolce and Gabbana dress for example.

For me, style should be experimental and complex.


It could be classic and simple for those who are less androgynous than I am, but style should not be safe and boring. Love yourself from inside out and slowly but surely you will morph into who you always imagine you were and you will exude all the confidence that others crave and admire.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you have not figured out your personal style yet and do not question that part of you that smiles back at you when you wear an outfit that no one else ordinary would, you’ll become the style icon if you stay consistent and continuously express who you truly are!

Remember, “what you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” – MIUCCIA PRADA.


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