Self definition: The Impact of clothes on your mind

I have always said that choosing what you wear must be a reflection of who you truly are. Psychological studies also show that you may alter how you approach and interact with the world based on the outfit you choose each day.

It is no secret that the words and affirmations we say to our selves frame our minds for the day. The same applies to our personal style. Study shows that if you have strong cultural association with a garment or designer or silhouette etc., wearing it can affect your cognitive processes. This phenomenon is called “unclothed cognition”, meaning that if your brain links Zuhair Murad’s or Ellie Saab’s designs and collections with words like dreamy, whimsical, princess, you’re likely to take on those attributes when you wear that Ellie Saab dress or Zuhair Murad dress.

A few months ago, we ran the “I AM series” on our Instagram page with the aim to encourage and empower women. To explore this, ANKA asked several women in careers ranging from law to e-commerce to tourism to choose one word best defines them and explain how this words affects their fashion, style and confidence level.

The most interesting find was that most women believe they know who they are, but were unable when asked, to define themselves completely in one word. Words like Resilient, Adventurous, Strong, Dynamic, Woman amongst others where used to define themselves. And what’s better? Their heightened (self) image expression was evident through their reaction and their dressing pattern from then one.

Paula B

One of my favorites is this quote by Paula B, who defines herself as Authentic: “I only wear what makes me feel like me. I live my life being nobody else but my self. When you love yourself, you wouldn’t want to be anyone else.”

So, tell the skeptics: Your closet isn’t frivolous, it contains a myriad of channels to heightened performance, a selection of gateways to the best versions of yourself. As Jonathan Lethem said in his novel You Don’t Love Me Yet: “You can’t be deep without a surface.”


Remember gems, we are bringing expression to your truest self through style!

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