Self-Expression Through Style

Have you ever been confused about what to wear? Have you often felt that what you wear speaks no volume about who you are? Do you find that you make the same shopping mistakes and wear the wrong colours for you? Then this post is for you.

I have chosen to use Michelle Obama and Lupita N’yongo as inspiration for this post. These women fully understand the importance of wearing the right clothes for the right function and not for reason of public acceptance or confirmation but for their own self expression in that particular occasion.


In this picture, Michelle Obama looks formal yet sweet. The embroidery on her dress adds the swetness to a classic black dress. This will be appropriate for a talk to women or children or a visit to homes.


In the above picture, she looks like a girl in love! Perfect for either valentine’s or christmas season.


In this image, Ms N’yongo looks like she’s just come out of a breakfast meeting. But what’s most mesmerising is the colour of this ensemble that would otherwise have been too serious or harsh in any other colour. She understands that this outfit is bossy as much as it is fun, which is something i get from her personality all the time. – FUN!


Today’s exercise: I want you to write down 5 words that you believe truly define you over and over again at different points in your life. Now i want you to go through your existing wardrobe to see if the clothes in there match the 5 words you’ve used to describe yourself. If they don’t, then you’re in need of a self image check!

Remember, there’s no point wearing clothes that say nothing about you!

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