The popular belief is that every woman should own a wrap dress, simply because it is the most figure hugging, silhouette showing body flattering type of dress. Now, I always saw it as a dress for moms and aunties, you know. To me, it had this mature feel to it and I just never bothered to try it for myself (plus I only started shopping for and wearing dresses about 2 years ago).

So quick story, dad bought me this dress about 2 years ago. I wore it in the summer of 2016 and it landed me my first kiss with my now ex-boyfriend. But that was the day I believed in the magic of the wrap dress. He never stopped telling me how beautiful I looked in the dress and every time I’m feeling a little unsure of my self, I pull out this bad boy and all I hear is the “WOW, YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL” words in my head! For the first time in my life, I did not feel conscious of my watermelons being vividly in others faces, I truly felt sexy and I didn’t want that feeling to fade.

Since then, I can say that I am the proud owner of 4 wrap dresses (assuming you’re clapping, yes yes, thank you very much!) and believe me when I say I will choose the wrap dress over my LBD any day! The wrap dress has more character, style and sensuality than the LBD coupled with the fact that since no one really expects the wrap dress to be as sexy or flattering as the LBD, it really does blow your mind! You can say that the wrap dress is a FASHION UNDERDOG!

If you’re not sure whether the wrap dress is for you, here are a few guidelines to help you decide:

  1. Buy it in Jersey (not the cheap, see through type) but the original fabric of the dress. It is the best fabric for curve – enhanced hugging.
  2. Buy it in a print to give it a bit of flair. Since it is a timeless piece, you can choose whatever print you like, it can be as outlandish as you want.
  3. Wear it with boots or stilettos instead of sandals, it really adds a touch of elegance. And maybe even consider wearing it with jeans. The point is, you can try it with anything!
  4. If you find a wrap dress that flatters your body the way you want, always buy from the same brand. Chances are they’ll always do you good!
  5. If you’re like me, just leave it to daddy! He’s got a great eye!

Where are you on your “warp dress journey” if there is such a thing? I’ll love to know if this post helped you make a decision, please leave me a comment!


Dress: Anne klien

Bag: Stella McCartney

Shoes: Saint Laurent

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  • I’m obsessed with wrap dresses! And tops! They truly make me feel sexier than an LBD would, totes agree with you on that. I like the ones that have ruffles or dramatic sleeves too. Add print and colour and i may never wear anything else! Great post babe ❤

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