The Power of Colour

Choosing the right colour and matching the right pieces can instantly boost a bad any day! Whether it is a bad hair day, a bad pregnancy day, a bad workday, etc.

It can boost the day for you, as well as for the people around you. Remember that a good self-image is NOT always about what you as an individual “creates or thinks you create” it is INFACT about the perception others have of the self-image you mirror to them. Understanding this is key!

I often find it funny, when I walk into an office/bank on a Monday morning all bright and full of colour and someone asks me “ahn ahn what’s the occasion?” like Monday is such a gloomy day to wear bright colours on.

Perhaps, if we change our mindset, we will change our look on life, career, relationships, motherhood and everything else.

Colour is not for everyone!! By this I mean that, some people have a preference for neutral tones and dark colours and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. What you often find with such people is that their pieces are bold, well structured and well fitted. This gives out an aura and perception of full self confidence that colour would have on any other person.

Few tips:

  1. You must decide whether or not colour is for you
  2. If it is, you must wear the right colour for your skin tone
  3. You must learn how to wear colour. The where, when and with what
  4. If it is not, ensure that all your garments are well tailored and fitted to your body type
  5. If you’re a bit of both, you’re an adventurous soul just like me. Your feelings will always guide your choice

My job as a self-image and style coach is to empower you- through my acquired skills and years of experience- to understand what colours works for you and to bring expression to your most unique self and style through garments.

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Remember gems, we are bringing expression to your truest self through style!

 Stay Inspired.


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