The relationship between self-love and fashion

Loving yourself and finding joy however you can and wherever you are is one lesson I learnt a few years ago. In my line of work, I wake up everyday with one goal in mind; to help women gain self-confidence and awareness of their own unique beauty and the qualities that make them special.

I see every woman not just as a body that wears apparel to look beautiful but rather as an embodiment of so much more. I see women as the carriers of joy, fun, fashion, destiny, confidence, spirituality, love, friendship and so much more and all I ever want to do is help them express their many facets through the clothes they wear.

So, when you wake up tomorrow after reading this post. I want you to choose and say 5 affirmations to yourself in the mirror. Now think about how you feel after saying these affirmations to yourself and go to your wardrobe and pick the outfit that best represents that feeling.

This to me is the relationship between self – love and fashion. The notion that you dress more for your positive emotions that negative ones. The notion that when buying pieces of clothing, you buy them not just because they are on trend or you like them, but more because of the feeling of joy or pride or confidence or whatever good feeling they give you.

I want your wardrobe, from now on, to be filled only with pieces that affirm good vibes, positivity, confidence and queening within you. I want you to dress as you see your best self and you’ll never worry about not having anything to wear again.

Please leave your comments and questions below, I’ll be sure to answer them.

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As always, stay inspired.

Uzo. xx

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