Wardobe Detox: out with the OLD, in with the NEW

Hi Gems, you know that blouse that you always stare at in your closet? Yes, the light peach one with lots of ruffles from the neck down, which you haven’t worn in 5 months and probably won’t wear again? That’s the old.

I remember in November 2015, when I had to relocate to Nigeria from Ireland, I was a little emotional about giving out and selling some of my clothes. But when I finally decided to do so and after 8 months without them, I realized that I still wear my favourite clothes and I do not miss or need the pieces I let go.

The truth is there are a couple of reasons why you might still be “hoarding” priced possessions that you do not wear but none of them match up to the fact that, your mind will always be trying to convince you that you have lots of clothes because of the quantity you see everyday, where as in reality, you only have a few items because those are the ones you wear a lot and are happy to repeat and re-style.

I know that this task can seem a little daunting for a lot of you and more than that it can be an emotional experience letting go of items you really love, but never actually wear. So here are 5 wardrobe detox tips which I find to be most useful…

Oh! Now will be a good time, to get that cup of tea!


Decide what day and time best suits you and commit to it. I prefer Saturdays as they offer me free and flexible hours. Once you’ve chosen the date and time, dedicate an hour or two aside and begin to detox.


I detox my wardrobe in the way I arrange items. So according to colours, garment type, hung pieces and folded ones.

Create three piles; a “YES”, “NO” and “Try-it-on” Pile. You have to be very honest and ruthless with yourself throughout this process. Begin to put aside those pieces that you know straight away that you want to keep. Now put on another side, those pieces you love but have not worn for months/years. i.e. the ones you always pick up but hang again. This is your No pile.

Now to your “Try-it-on” pile, it can get very tricky but I’ve learnt that the only way to decide is to try it on there and there and make your decision immediately. Go with your first gut/instinct. You’ll quickly know if it’s something you can see yourself TRULY wearing again.

Remember to bear The 3 Step Guide in mind throughout your wardrobe detox.


For most Nigerians, living in Nigeria, travelling abroad automaticallu means shopping. So everytime I travelled abroad on holiday e.t.c. I bought clothes in volume, usually because they were affordable but as I grew older and moved to Europe to study, my shopping addiction began bending towards more quality items. Now when I have to detox my wardrobe, items that are low quality are automatically thrown in the NO PILE! The result is that over time, your wardrobe will have a seamless, unanimous and coordinated identity true to your personal style, growth and experiences.

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How many of you have those special items given to us by a family member or close friend that we absolutely hate and will never wear?

Or those ones that we’ll be able to wear again “once we are skinny”? The truth is, your wardrobe is meant to be a reflection of the woman you are today, so take the sentiments out of it and add those clothes to your NO pile!


For garments you are not sure of or the ones in your “Try-it-on” pile, ask yourself this question: If I were shopping right this second, would I buy this? If the answer is no, into the NO PILE it goes. It is ruthless I know, but it is very effective!


Come up with incentives to persuade you to give things away and sell them. You can decide to donate items to charity, gift them to your friends or sell them. It could be at yard sales e.g Mente de Moda, NYB Sale, or online at your barter, asos market place, ebay etc.The best incentive I have read and used is… for every 10 items you give away, you are allowed to buy yourself one new investment piece. Either way, it’s a win/win situation.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Please feel free to ask me any questions and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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Remember Gems; we are bringing expression to your truest self through style!

Stay Inspired.


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