We all need kindness

Somehow we go on everyday, chasing our dreams, fighting our battles, winning some and losing some. Somehow in all the madness and chaos that surrounds us, we forget what it means to be kind to others, what it means to offer a helping hand. Subconsciously we continuously turn a blind eye to those who need a little bit of kindness.

Imagine, if you were locked out of your house and there was no one at home to help you, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can stay at your neighbours till you get some help? If the tables were turned, will you do the same for someone else? If your colleague was hungry, would you deliberately go out of your way to buy them lunch or dinner? If you’ve been queuing up at the toll gate for 5 minutes like a good citizen and  a “crazy” bus driver, drives straight into your lane, would you let him in or curse him out?

Honestly, kindness is an expression of the fruits of the spirit and offering it to others is rewarding for you as a person. You do not have to be kind, you loose nothing by being kind, but if you choose to be kind, please do so from the bottom of your heart and expecting nothing in return. What’s that quote about “those who need kindness are those that are mean” bla bla, yes I deliberately did not google the quote, please write the correct one below.

Conscious and deliberate kindness is something I’m trying out and I wanted to share it with you guys and encourage you to so the same too. You reading my blog post is a very kind gesture and although you may do it out of interest or boredom, knowing that you are out there and you’re spending your own time in my blog is a very deliberate kindness and I am so grateful for you!

You’re truly amazing!

Stay inspired, always.



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