What to Pack for a Weekend in Capri

It’s my birthday this weekend and guess where i’m off to? CAPRI!

I have been looking forward to this for a long time and i guess with all that excitement turned anxiety I started making a mental note of all the things I need but do not have, Like a white lace dress, a straw hat, a straw bag, tie up greek inspired sandals, a beach blanket.. OMG! I’m not ready!

I came to the conclusion that if I do get the chance to, I will do a bit of shopping on the island but if i don’t, these rules will guide what I pack from Nigeria.

  1. My Capri wardrobe will mainly consist of white and blue only. To match the sea of course!

uu2. I will occasionally throw in an unbearable dose of bright orange or red to spice things up!or3. I will buy beautiful bikinis that will be too small for my breasts and throw on a beach cover up to mask it! njk
4. I will pack all the 5 pairs of sunglasses I own.



That’s it really!

Thanks for reading!



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