What’s my body type?


First of all, you must know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made by the creator. There is nothing to be tweaked or adjusted about your body unless you decide so yourself. Your body is only the physical shield for your spirit and soul, which means you are not your body!

Knowing your body type is advantageous because it guides your clothing choices. It is not enough just knowing what to wear, it is very important to know how to wear it to suit you.

The image below shows the most popular types of female figures. To know your body shape, study your body, completely naked, in a long mirror and make out your overall body frame. Now, focus on your torso and observe it. Observe the shape and length, observe your waist, its curves or non curves and any love handles you might have. Now, visualise your body in a dress form and decide what your type shape is. Be sure to use this image as a reference point.

Types of female figures.


Triangle Shape: Also commonly called the pear shape. Your shoulders and waist are proportionally smaller than your hips. Shoulders are sloped in a downward position, which gives you a soft silhouette on your upper body. Your legs and thighs might be thick following your hips. Your best dressed in non clingy garments, i.e garments that hang over your body and frame the silhouette without showing every single curve.

Inverted Triangle Shape: Your shoulders are considerable wider than the rest of your body. You tend to be more on the busty side or you’re a very tall lean model. You look your best in single strap tops and dresses, and off-the-shoulder garments. If you have a romantic style personality, you can always play with skirts silhouettes to create the illusion of hips.

Hourglass Shape: Your shoulders and hips are only a few inches apart. Your waist measurement is considerable smaller than your burst and hip measurements, but the balance of your shoulder length and hip measurements create an all round curvy look. Your best to focus on your waist, but not wearing garments that are extremely high waisted as that will shorten your torso.

Rectangle Shape: Commonly known as the athletic/sporty shape too. You are most likely an athlete, a fantastic lady who’s body has groomed itself due to all the exercise and physical activity you engage in. Your shoulders and hips are usually the same measurements and your hips are only a few inches smaller than your hips. You are best dressed in low rise jeans and trousers, T-shirts and boob tubes.

Diamond Shape: You are a slimmer version of an apple shape. Your waist and hips are the same measurements. You have love handles which could be natural or from weight gain. Your shoulders are slightly slopped and lack definition. Your legs and lower body are usually slimmer than your upper body. You are advised to wear garments that emphasise your small waist. Avoid very clingy and body con dresses as they do nothing for your body frame.

Rounded Shape: Also refereed to as the apple shape. Your waist line lacks definition. Your hips and buttocks may also be wide/thick following the shape of your waist. Your shape is usually rounded due to weight gain, belatedness or childbirth. Your burst, hips and waist measurements are very close in numbers.

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