What’s My Colour

Determining your colours is so much fun! With the RIGHT COLOURS, you can build a completely coordinated wardrobe, choose the right makeup, and create a new image that will truly reflect YOU!

There are two main steps:

  • 1) Select the colors you have consistently worn with success throughout your lifetime
  • 2) Evaluate your coloring- your skin, hair, and eyes.


From the group of colors below, select which you feel is most flattering to you in general.  You will intuitively know whether you are better in cool or warm colors.


            COOL COLOURS                                                                    WARM COLOURS

WINTER                SUMMER                                        AUTUMN                      SPRING 

Navy                           Soft Blues                                           Dark Brown                     Golden Brown

Black                          Rose Brown                                       Camel                                 Camel

White                         Navy                                                    Beige                                  Peachy Pink

Red                             Rose Pink                                           Orange                              Peach

Shocking Pink          Lavender                                            Gold                                   Soft Blues

Gray                            Plum                                                   Moss Green                      Golden Yellow





This test is to verify your selection in Step 1.

Set up a long mirror in front of you and look at yourself under natural light. Take a good long look at your skin, your eyes and hair without makeup. If your hair/weave is colored, try and reminder the natural colour.

Your skin tone comes from three pigments: melanin (brown), carotene (yellow) or hemoglobin (red), and it is the particular combination of three pigments that make up your skin tone. When looking at your face, imagine the skin as a thin filter, it is the tone just under its surface that determines whether your coloring is warm or cool.

Summers and winters, the cool seasons, have blue undertones, while autumns and springs have golden undertones.

TIP: All Africans and dark skinned beauties will fall under Autumn or Winter, as we do not have Haemoglobin in our skin, all light skinned and Caucasians can be from any of the four categories.

Now, if you’ve succeeded in ascertaining whether you are a cool or warm season, scroll back to the table above and check if you are wearing the right colours for you.


It is not always clear what your skin tone or what the best colors for you skin tone are, that’s why we provide services to assist you. If you are unsure what service you need, just contact us and we will take it from there!