Why I dress according to my style personality.

Okay gems, you might want to get a cup of tea for this one!

I’ve often had this conversation with my friends, given a talk on it at a workshop, coached a client on its importance and read about it on similar minded platforms. Now I write about it.

Before I flesh out my thoughts, I think it is important to define both phrases for clarification.

Body type; Theoretically, the body type is mainly defined by your skeletal structure, as well as your muscle and fat distribution. Your body type should be defined after puberty however it can still change based on exercise or hormonal level changes. The top 5 body shapes are; Apple, Pear, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass and Athletic. Click here to read the post on Body type.

Style Personality: Your style personality is a combination of your clothing personality – the type of “flavour” in clothing that is best for you – and the colour palette in your season. This is because your palette has a certain personality of its own. Click here to take the free Style Personality Test and find out yours!

A winter, with her dark or grey-white hair long slim legs and deep coloured eyes, tends toward the dramatic. Looking at the winter palette, you can see that these colours have a dramatic, sophisticated, perhaps formal, quality, calling for clothes with sleek, clean lines. Her prints are best worn away from her face with the exception of small scarves. The winter is usually best in solids, for her palettes striking colours speak for themselves.

The summer palette has classic colours, reflecting calmness and conservatism, and the summer woman is most often a poised, gracious, even-tempered person, ideal in classic clothes and soft prints. She’s the elegant, but feminine type.

Autumn’s palette speaks of warmth and friendliness. The autumn woman is probably the natural, informal person, best in casual sporty clothes. She’s good in paisley, plaids, and casual, colorful prints. Her body type will usually be sporty/athletic.

The colour in Spring’s palette are lively, bright, and youthful. Spring herself is often a friendly, informal, bubbly person who never seems to age and has a girlish, feminine quality even in her clothes. Her prints are crisp and colourful, but delicate in feeling.

But what if you are a winter who is tiny, with rounded and curvy features and an innocent youthful quality of a spring, not dramatic at all? Or perhaps you are a spring who is five feet eight inches tall, with an athletic build. You my have delicate youthful colouring, but you certainly will not look your best dressed in girlish ruffles.


Suffice to say that, I choose dressing for my style personality over my body type, because I am very happy when I do. It filters my garment choices, and I am always very proud of my choices. But that does not mean that I do not pay attention to my body type. Personally, I do not believe in choosing to wear clothes just because they “flatter” my body type. Flatter, the word, which has been thrown around and embedded in our sub conscious to mean, slimmer waist, slimmer-longer legs, is a disillusion. I choose garments and pieces I love. Pieces that express who I am through my personal style, pieces with interesting silhouettes and billowy lines. These pieces may not always “flatter” me, but they show my unique sense of style and make me extremely happy and completely proud of the woman smiling at me in the mirror. If you can’t already tell, my style personality is CREATIVE!

Now, if you are a woman who believes in dressing for her body type, then you’ve found your pride too. Dramatics and Classics for example, are women who love dressing for their body type, as such their garments choices are filtered by priority. i.e. body shape, perfect colours before style personality.

I am advocating for happiness and true self-expression through fashion and style. If dressing for your body type makes you happy, then by all means do so, but don’t wear very tight high-waist jeans, or an extra snug dress that makes you uncomfortable all the time, just because they make your waist look smaller and your thighs looks skinner.


You are beautiful. You are enough. How you see yourself, is how others will see you!

So my beautiful reader and friend, do not dress to make others happy, do not dress shabbily for comfort either. Rather express yourself, as freely as you want, be proud of your personal style and the woman that smiles back at you in the mirror today and forever.

Remember, we are bringing expression to your truest self through style!

Stay Inspired.

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