This workshop is for every woman that understand the different personalities that she has and the need to bring expression to them through clothes. I think that as women, we sometimes

Join us and three amazing guest speakers as we discuss how The DAME method can help you express your amazingness through your personal fashion and style choices.

During this 3-hour workshop, you are going to discover the importance of embarking on your own self-discovery journey, which I embarked on a few years ago, and how it can change the way you look at yourself and bring expression to the many characters that exist within you!

I’m also going to give you tips and tricks to tackle the worries and insecurities that you will meet on this journey, and we’re going to play with clothes to see how they’re a great ally to channel your different personalities!


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SMALL GROUP: Maximum of 25 participants – we are building a community of like minded people. Great way to meet new people whether you are bold or shy.

DEPTH: This workshop is packed with loads of fun! but it is also packed with a variety of lessons and workshops to provide you with an in depth knowledge of all you need to know!

CONFIDENCE BOOST: It’s all about this fantastic journey that self exploration is! It’s time to bring to life all your different personalities and characters, channel them and bring expression to them as we discover your style personality.

Self-love, Inner-beauty, Self-expression and confidence are the centre of every woman, style is only the medium we use to bring out The Woman Within you!

COCKTAILS & CUPCAKES: This workshop will be just like a mini hangout session, with lots of cocktails and cupcakes.

HANDS ON: The plan is not to spoon feed with with information you can read just anyway, it’s about self realisation! A rack of clothes will be available for us, so get ready to play dress up! You will also be asked to bring some of your fave pieces so you can learn to do more with your current wardrobe!